Disaster Relief - Project Babel

Scratch that last post, we may not be able to publish them under the Fitra name but publish them under another name… Jamie is dogging around this now

If it’s a no go for US right now, can we take a view of improving the design?

Depends on what we want to change. There has been a lot of evidenced clinician work, and testing done on the shape we need to preserve that and be sensitive of that work. Let’s talk about it with Jamie

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Don’t know if I said but put the eyewash designs on the onedrive under Medical.

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I’ve tried printing the face mask fitter adn I have the same comments and difficulties as Andrew mentioned. I think this really just needs to go to redesign if there is any intention to make this easily printable on FDM machines.

So you both know, I’ve put everything not yet on the website in a special ‘to do’ folder on the one drive so they’re easy to find when whoever updates the website needs to find them. They can then be sorted later.

Rich, I’ve done a proofread of the website (not the catalogue yet) so any notes I sent you previously can be discarded. A question for the admin group… can the contact us page (which takes us to the 3D crowd website) have a drop-down option for project babel? At the moment there’s not obvious option for anyone to click.

PLA print with tree support crated in Cura.
The Bad - looks like one of an upper supports lose contact with the frame and failed.
The Good - the underside (mask contact area ) is much smoother.
Clean up - still got some clean up to do on the very base of the frame and support contact areas.

Trying a reprint now print time 1hr 25mins.

Second attempted produced a good print.
Areas in yellow need clear up but support removed very easily.
Anyone free to run a second verification

PETG print, some stringing printed in an hour and a half but very brittle and snapped easily under a stress test.

Prusa slicer has a new update which might be useful for this, or in general…:



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I’ve tried the new ironing feature and that is amazing, lobger print times but give a smooth flat top layer.

Not having any luck FDM printing these Fittra masks to a point i would happily release them in to the community to produce. Only way of producing these exact designs is from aresin printer, Darrah prints enclosed.


I quickly drafted a note aided at the creators of the good designs we use like the glasses designer which is meant to a) Thanks them and make them feel good about their work b)notify us of any other useful designs and maybe even join us.


Hi there,

I’m YOUR NAME from 3Dcrowd (a group of volunteer engineers and 3Dprint enthusiasts working with local and overseas charities) I just

Just wanted to say how much we liked your design and how it printed.

We’d like to include your work on a website we are putting together called Project Babel that’s currently in Beta. The goal is to provide maker communities around the globe dealing with a problem or a crisis with a single known point to download trusted 3Dprintable designs that print.

  • Your work will, of course, retain your original licensing and attribution source.
  • We will not make any money from your work.
  • If for any reason you are uncomfortable with us including your work we will remove it from our site no questions asked.

Please feel free to get in contact with any questions, or if you have other work, thoughts or feedback on our project.




Great idea, looks like a good template to me.

Are these designed to be a custom fit or one size fits all?

Would it work better to FDM print a mold and then make the final piece out of a moldable plastic like polymorph? I guess polymorph backed by an FDM print to add the clips as a 2 part setup?

That’s a good idea. Unfortunately we were told we couldn’t change the shape at all and it doesn’t currently have nice relief lines for moulding. I asked similar questions to adapt it for stacking but that was the answer I got.

Hi Will, just some background about the FITRAS. These are made in three sizes. They have been design by a clinical engineer group in the states and been testing in their hospitals and gotten medical approval - hence the barrier for redesigning and changing their shape. These are intended to be injection molded but the prototypes were printed. Our interest/challenge is to see if these may be created though non traditional methods. If you think you might be able to flat print and thermo form them as an experiment we could see about getting the files to you. As Chris says the challenge is to maintain the same shape. What are your thoughts?

I’m assuming that for FDM printing there are issues with strength due to the layer lines and quality due to the need for support.

My initial thought was to form the main shape using a pre-form and a thermo plastic such as polymorph and add the hooks after possibly in another plastic.

My second thought could be print flat (using FDM) then thermoform over a pre-form afterwards using a heat gun.

There was a thread about Polycaprolactone filament a little whileago. I think polymorph is Polycaprolactone pellets. Potential new material

@andrewbelding , got your glasses exports over on discord here:

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Hi Will, yes your assumptions about the strength are correct and the other two methods are somthing that crossed our minds but we haven’t have the time to explore in more detail. If you fancy giving this a try feel free to join us on our weekly meeting call, Monday at 8pm if you are free.

Hi Rich

I’m not in a position at the moment to commit to this project.

What I will do is print off some ovals and try and reform them as a proof of concept. I’ll video what I get and post them on here.